WELCOME 2022…!

I am sure that among other things, we are all feeling a bit of relief that 2021 is done!  Another rocky year for many of us, it was all about change and forging new paths, finding new direction and new perspectives … a continuation of the upside-down world of 2020. 

2022 is a “6” in Numerology, and “6” is all about healing.  Numerology.com says that “the number 6 is the embodiment of the heart.  It represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal.   It is a powerful force of compassion and empathy and its warm light is a beacon of hope.  Its role is to use its heart and soul to be of service to others.”  It is high time for some healing, and I have been both hearing from others and feeling myself that more specifically this is a year for the healing and clearing ancestral and karmic wounds, trauma, and patterns.

While it is okay for us to revisit the past and feel nostalgic for what once was, this year it is time to let many of the old thought and behavior patterns fall away and to clear space for the fresh and new.   I have been feeling this strongly over the last couple of weeks.  The energy has been manifesting for me in the form of clearing and organizing all facets of my life like crazy:  house & home, finances, career, website, health – you name it!  I can’t purge fast enough!

I can feel that the universe is also teeing up a lot of shadow work for me in regard to ancestral healing – it’s so amazing how what we need is delivered to us so subtly yet once we recognize it, it is so obvious.  I can only have gratitude for the synchronicities and the opportunities to work with these energies and move toward further expansion of my soul.

On a more practical and physical note, it is also nice to have rituals and physical tools to help ground this energy into our lives as the new year kicks off.  Energetically clearing our space can have as much or more impact as physically clearing our space.  We can do this in many different ways, but one of my favorites is smudging or using sage to clear the old, stagnant or dissonant energy.  For this reason, I am offering a few tools this month at a special price:  Sacred Sage Spray, Clear Your Space Box kit, and any Sacred Smudge Set blend are all available for a 15% discount through the month of January.   See the FEATURED PRODUCTS on the homepage!

I wish you a beautiful, fresh and clear start to the year!

In Love and Light,


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