B U R N I N G . S A C R E D . S M U D G E

What is smudge and how do you use it?  Why is it burned and what does it do?  These are very common questions - so here is a short explanation for you!  Across time, culture, and spiritual practice, the burning of botanicals to create ritual smoke has been a common practice.  This smoke is used to lift and carry away negative energy and "clear the air", at the same time creating an instant feeling of ritual, peace, and positivity.  As space is cleared of negative energy, it is a great practice to fill that space back up with positive energy - and this is simply done with your intention (a very powerful tool!).  You can use this practice to remove the negative anywhere it is needed (and there is proper ventilation) such as a new living space, your current home or office, around doorways and windows, your car - basically anywhere there may be an echo of lower vibrational energy or "bad vibes" that you want to purge.  Smudge is commonly made from white sage leaves, but can include many other botanicals both for beauty and either physical or esoteric properties.  Smudge can come in wrapped "sticks" or bundles, or in loose form.  I love the loose smudge, and to burn this type you simply place in a heat proof dish or container and light with a match or lighter.  An abalone shell is often used as a container for burning loose smudge.  The smudge should smolder and smoke right away.  Carrying the container, waft the smoke with hand or feather around the place you are clearing.  You can use any words that come to mind, such as "with this sacred smoke, I release and clear away all negative energy and lower vibrations for the highest good of all concerned" or you can simply be silent - let your intuition guide you.  If you are filling the cleared space with positive energy, you can visualize that as negative energy is released, the cleared space is being filled with white or rose colored light and the vibration of love, peace, tranquility, health or whatever your intuition guides you to see.  A note regarding safety:  never leave burning smudge unattended, always distinguish fully, and make sure to use in a well ventilated area.  Happy smudge burning!!

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