L O T I O N . B A R ! ! !

So just what is a lotion bar and how do you use it?  The answer is very simple!  A lotion bar is exactly just that - moisturizer for your skin in a shape of a bar.  Mine are made of equal parts coconut oil, beeswax, and a butter such as Shea or coconut or mango or avocado.  Sometimes a lotion bar can be greasy, however this particular formula absorbs quickly into the skin - I'm really happy with it!  These little babies also include some other good stuff like clays, botanicals, and essential oils.  They are so easy to use - the bar is hard, however it starts to soften up immediately with your touch.  You can rub and apply with a fingertip, or hold the bar in your hand to use directly on your body.  I like these best to use for dry spots or places I want to soften and protect - such as lips and cuticles and elbows.  Depending on use, the lotion bar should last you several months.  Mine come in a convenient purse size tin, easy for use on the go!  I hope you try one and end up loving it as much as I do - this is one thing I am never without!

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