We all put out energy into the world.  This acts like our radar to attract what we want into our lives.  Think of it like an experience with Instagram - as we "like" things, we give them our energy.  Instagram notes this and says "Aha! That's what you like, so let me give you more of just that!"  This is what we are doing in life with our personal energy.  If we place our focus on anger, judgement, sadness or any lower vibrational energy...well, the universe understands that to be a request for more of the same.  I call it our SPIRITUAL ALGORITHM.  

Of course, it is in our nature to highlight the negative.  It's much easier to talk about the person who cut us off on the freeway than the motorcyclist who flashed us a peace sign for moving over to give him safe passage, right?  (Yes, I have a commute!) 

So, to keep ourselves focused on higher vibrational energy, it's helpful to have a toolkit to snap us back when we start thinking and feeling those lower vibrations.  A crystal talisman is a great tool to carry  - when we feel ourselves being pulled down, we can hold it in our hand or place where we can see it's beauty to remind us of our intentions. Scent is also an effective reminder - using a roller scent with our favorite essential oil blends can bring us back to a higher place.  These tools are a great "quick fix" to raise our vibration with minimal time and effort.  Small daily rituals have an amazing cumulative effect - try one this week for yourself and see how it works!