Abundance Scent Your Intention Roller

Abundance Scent Your Intention Roller

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Scent is a great tool to use to remind ourselves of our intentions and focus.  Each of our essential oil blends comes with an affirmation that supports the blend name:  Abundance, Calm, Clarity, Grounded, Intuition, and Self Love.  The affirmation is printed on the side of the label. 

Here is an easy daily ritual to help you incorporate this simple but effective tool:In the morning, use the roller scent on pulse points such as underside of wrists, inside of elbows, base of neck, behind the ears.  As you inhale the scent, repeat the affirmation a few times either silently or aloud.  The scent and the intention will begin to marry.  As you move forward in your day, roll the scent on again allow it to bring you back to your affirmation and focus.  

ABUNDANCE:  essential oil blend of orange, clove, peppermint, and fir in a fractionated coconut oil base.

AFFIRMATION:  The entire universe is working to manifest all that I want and need.