Love Herbal Smudge Set

Love Herbal Smudge Set

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Sometimes you just need to C L E A R  T H E  A I R  and get rid of lingering or negative energy.   Burning sacred herbal incense has long been a traditional method of energy clearing across time, culture, and spiritual practice.  

Smudge is made from a base of organic white sage, organic mugwort, and organic holy basil.  It comes in a few varieties with botanicals to support each focus.

LOVE:  includes rose petals to support opening the heart to all kinds of love

To use:  place a small amount of smudge in a heat proof container, such as an abalone shell.  Light the smudge with a match or lighter - it will flame and then smolder to create smoke.  This sacred smoke is what clears the negative energy - use your hand or feather to waft the smoke around to clear your space.  Always use in a well ventilated area, never leave burning unattended, and distinguish completely when finished.